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What is SharkRepellent.net?

SharkRepellent.net is a corporate governance research tool focused on takeover defense, corporate activism, and proxy related issues. Defense profiles are available for U.S. public companies which we compile from a company's articles of incorporation, bylaws, state takeover law and shareholder rights plan, illustrating how a company has chosen to defend itself from potential unsolicited takeovers and proxy contests. Through our SharkWatch module, you can analyze activism trends and latest developments as well as activist profiles designed to help you gain the insight you need to understand an investor's history of activism by examining typical objectives, tactics, and campaign outcomes. Our Proxy module allows you to monitor and analyze results and trends in proxy voting including management and shareholder proposals and director elections. SharkRepellent.net packages this information in a searchable database that is flexible and easy to use.

Selected features include:
  • Over 200 charter, bylaws, state takeover law, poison pill, ownership and financial items for searching and reporting
  • A comprehensive state takeover statute reference guide with all current statutes
  • A proprietary Bullet Proof Rating system that quantifies relative defense protection and allows you to quickly find companies with strong or weak defenses
  • An expanding library of trend and issue reports, including the proportion of key takeover defense provisions in place over time for selected indices, poison pill renewal rates, and company response to defense-related shareholder proxy proposals
  • A continuously updated database, reflecting the most current information available
  • Defense Profiles of approximately 6,000 US-incorporated companies, including the Fortune 500, S&P 1500, Russell 3000, Nasdaq-100 and IPOs from 1999 to present
  • Poison pill profiles for over 1,000 non-US incorporated companies, including all Canadian companies that have adopted a poison pill
  • Over 75,000 charter, bylaws and poison pill documents available in electronic format
  • Activist Wire detailing activist filings throughout the day
  • Campaign Case Study reports available for over 3,000 activist campaigns and proxy fights
  • Shareholder proxy proposals and no-action letters
  • Management proxy proposals and director elections
  • Customizable Alerts
  • A library of profile and columnar reports in HTML, PDF, Excel, and Word
  • The ability to create and save custom reports
  • Client and project code tracking for allocation and billing
  • 24-hour customer support with a comprehensive glossary and online help center

Sample applications include:

  • View the complete charter and bylaws currently in effect for a given company
  • Profile the defense provisions for companies in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Locate companies incorporated in Ohio that have opted out of state takeover law
  • Generate an alert of poison pill activity for a given time period, including new adoptions and amendments
  • Assess the latest trends in poison pill adoptions, redemptions, terminations and renewals
  • Find out how recent IPOs have structured their board and voting terms
  • Quickly learn the proportion of S&P 500 companies that have a poison pill in force or that allow shareholders to remove directors without cause
  • Find where a company ranks in its industry and identify who is in the top and bottom quartile of takeover defense protection
  • Identify the percentage of a company's outstanding shares that are held by activist investors
  • Identify the success rate dissident shareholders have winning board seats in proxy fights
  • Receive an email alert when a known activist reports a new ownership position in a company you are interested in
  • Identify company directors receiving a majority withhold vote and the company response
  • View trend data of target company votes to approve mergers or to approve divestitures - see the breakdown of pass and fail and average vote results

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